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Structural Adjustment, Liberalization and the Gender Bias: A Case of Ghana



The implementation of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) in the case of Ghana has in turn been met with a lot of criticism. It is difficult to make a clear connection between SAPs and intensified gender bias. However, there appears to be some strong indication that at least some of the accusations leveled at SAPs are not totally unfounded. The study also suggests that the SAPs are not infallible and do have shortcomings and failures that need to be addressed. Some of the claims of the critics have been refuted with facts, while in some cases they have been found to be indeterminate. In response to the critics, the IMF has issued a reformation of IMF policies but their intended effects are yet to be seen. The paper has tired to bring forth the prevalent gender bias and the impact of SAPs implementation on the former. It also clearly draws the line of discrimination and privileges that the women in Ghana are deprived of as compared to those of the opposite sex.

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