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Globalization and Trade Unions Challenges: Nigerian Manufacturing Sector Experience.

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


Today, the globalization of the world market has brought about several competitions on local companies which invariably have an adverse effect on trade union density due to unfavourable macro-economic policies used for the promulgation of globalization. The movement from Social regulation to Labour Market Control, created this competition all in the name of productivity enhancement and efficiency creation. The study examines the challenges brought by globalization and all what accompany the concept while the role of Trade Unions was also measured to overcome the flexibility brought by globalization. The study uses secondary information with discourse analysis of existing literatures on the subject matter to have a position. It was revealed that globalization created more vacuums than integration among Workers of the North and South due to competition postulated by globalization. Study of this nature becomes significant to the Nigeria government to rethink and have a second thought on globalization before its continual adoption while trade union leaders have to revitalize their strategies in order to swim alone with globalization thus membership density will keep declining. Keywords: globalization, Trade Unions, Manufacturing Sector, Flexibility and Competitions

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