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Common organization of the market in rice. Information Memo P-20/67, May 1967

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EUREIPE{N ECONOMIC CQT{MUNIW OFFICIAL SPOKESM^N of lhc Cornnlglon : 23, nvenue Ca lc Jcrleoura Entrda Srusleir 4 Telcphone 35,00.40 ! F il Brussels, May I)51 P-20/67 INFORMAIION T/EMO Common orsanization of tbe rnarket in rice fhe Cofrmj"ssion recently submitted. to the Council a proposal for a regulation on the common organization of the market in rice. This regrrl.tion is intended. for the common price stage arrd is to come into force on 1 September next in accord.ance with last yearts Council d.ecision. fhe proposal reproduces many features of the system operating at present, tut ltith the establishment of a conmon price level for ricet regulation.of, the market can be considerably simptified and the distinction between producing and non-producing countries abolished.. The proposal is also influenced by ptopo"al-s put forward for other productsl Particularly by the one for thl market in cereats(f), and. it contains similar provisions as regard.s \o/ \D/ (dt lal institutions t the safeguard. clause in reppect of trade with non-member eountriest the freed,om of buyers and sellers to d-ea1 with whomever they wisht the deletion of the general provlsion on exemptions, the possibility of transitionat measules (up to Jl August 1968 at Iatest ). This regulation too is d.ivided. into three sections, covering the price system, tradg and general provisions. The price system Before I Septembereach year the Council, acting on a proposal of the Commission, wi}l ii* t basic target price for husked rice, applicable to the marketlng year beginning in the course of the following calendar yeart for the marketitg cenire of the aTea with the greatest d-eficit in the c"**.-itJt(l"i;ti";i. rn July 1966 this pric-.was fixed. for +he 1957/68 marketing year at f6.fe',t.u.. p"r 100 kg (ex tax) for a standard quality at the whoJesale purchasing stage (aeflv""ed. to store, in bu1k, unload'ed')' The lntervention price for padd.y will be derived. from the basic target priee for husked.

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