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Bacteria abundance and uptake rates at bottle station A3/38

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.135737
  • 74670
  • A3/38
  • Ctd/Rosette
  • D212
  • Discovery (1962)
  • Isotope Doped
  • Incubated
  • Filtered (0
  • 2 µM Pore Filter) And Counted
  • Jgofs
  • Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
  • Leucine Uptake Rate
  • Thymidine Uptake Rate


ARABBOT.PDF Water Sample Data Documentation Introduction During the two Arabesque cruises over 200 different parameters were measured on water samples by 38 principal investigators using a wide range of protocols. The aim of this document is to allow the protocol used to obtain any particular data value within the BOTDATA table to be determined with ease. To help you find the information you require quickly, the document is subdivided into sections that describe groups of closely related parameters. These are listed below as a series of hot links. Each section starts with the definition of the parameter codes covered, followed by a list of who measured one or more of those parameters. Next, there is a protocol section describing the methods used by each principal investigator. Finally, there may be comments on data quality that have been noted by BODC or have come to our attention. <TIP> If you want to find out a how a particular parameter was measured and know the parameter code then the fastest way to find the information you require is to use the Acrobat 'find' tool to search for the parameter code. Then use the 'find' tool again to search for the name of the principal investigator. This will take you straight to the protocol description you require. Document Index Bacterial Production, Abundance and Losses Bacterial abundance, grazing losses and regeneration data, plus thymidine and leucine uptake data. Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrogen High temperature catalytic oxidation measurements. Particulate Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Those parameters loosely described as ‘POC’ and ‘PON’ Nutrients Nitrate plus nitrite, nitrite, phosphate, silicate, ammonia and urea data. Amino Acids and Fatty Acids Total free amino acids plus some seventy individual fatty acids. Carbonate System Parameters Dissolved total inorganic carbon and pCO2. Pigments Chlorophyll-a determined by a range of techniques, including data derived from calibrated in situ fluoromete

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