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Reluctant gangsters - youth gangs and victimisation

Royal College of Psychiatrists
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Manchester Conference latest [Read-Only] [Compatibility Mode] Reluctant Gangsters Youth gangs and victimisationYouth gangs and victimisation Dr Suzella Palmer Overview • Defining youth gangs and typologies of gang members • Victims, perpetrators or somewhere in between? • Youth Gangs in the UK – why here and why now?g y y • Criminal justice and/or welfarist /safeguarding approach to interventions.te e t o s • Treating the cause or treating the symptom? Defining youth gangs • Numerous definitions• Numerous definitions • Gangs or youth subcultures/youth movements? • Similarities/overlaps and differences • one size fits all?one size fits all? • The need for consistency - easy to under/over estimate extent of gang involved young peopleextent of gang involved young people • Clear need for criminal justice agencies to separate ‘criminal’ youth gangs from other groupscriminal youth gangs from other groups Gang Definitions - Correction or Appreciation? y Matza (1969) believes that it is possible to divide gangy Matza (1969) believes that it is possible to divide gang studies/definitions into: y Those that are designed to enable us to correct or eradicate the gang phenomenon AND y Those which aim to help us understand the conditions for the emergence the meaning and the social significance of theemergence, the meaning and the social significance of the youth gang y Whereas the former tend to abstract the gang from its social context, the latter endeavour to understand the interplay b t th d it i l t tbetween the gang and its social context Gang definitions – Appreciative approach Thrasher (1927) ‘G f d i d th i fli t ith‘Groups of rowdy unsupervised, youths in conflict with one another. An ‘Interstitial’ phenomenon’ (between childhood and adulthood/between the zone of transitionchildhood and adulthood/between the zone of transition and the socio-economic-cultural mainstream (continuum). A produ

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