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Different sensitivity of autolytic deficientEscherichia colimutants to the mode of induction

FEMS Microbiology Letters
Oxford University Press
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  • Induction Of Autolysis
  • Cloned øX174 Lysis Gene


Abstract By a comparison of the rate øX174 gene E product (gpE)-induced autolysis of Escherichia coli RM4101 and its autolysis deficient mutant strains RK232, RK238 and RK316, it was shown that gpE-induced autolysis differs from autolysis induced by EDTA or moenomycin. Subclones of these strains which could no longer be lysed by gpE can be lysed by EDTA shock treatment or moenomycin at almost normal rates. GpE seems to induce only partially the activity of the autolytic system of E. coli.

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