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Letter from Freeman A. Weiss to Joshua Lederberg

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES CARL LAMANNA. R. E. BUCHANAN SOCIETY OF AMER’CAN BAcTERIOLOGISTS H. H. McKlNNEY AMER’CAN PHYTOPATHOL0G1C*L SOCIETY AMERICAN TYPE CULTURE COLLECTION M. H. SOULE AMERICAN ASSOCIATrON OF 2029 M STREET. N. W. PATHOL0GrsTS AND q ACTERIOL0G1STS WASHINGTON 6. D. C. 0. Ii. WENRlCH AMERlCAN SOClEW OF zooLoGIsTs R. W. DAVIDSON “YCOLOGrCAL SOCIETY OF *MERIC* N. R. SMITH AMERlCClN lNSTIT”TE OF SIOLOGICAL SCIENCES R. D. COGHILL. 0. W. IRVING. JR. NITIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CARL LAMANNA. CHAIRMAN R. E. BUCHANAN M. H. SOULE CURATOR FREEMAN A. WEISS ASSISTANT CURATOR R. LLOYD PHILLIPS ISABELLA S. BOULDIN. BACTERIOLOGIST RUTH D. DAVIS. BACTERIOLOGIST SECRETARY-MANAGER KATHERINE ALVORD March 26, 1952 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics The University of W isconsin Mad ison 6, W isconsin Dear Doctor Lederberg: The silica-gel-dried cultures of g. coli and Shigella that you sent us in 3’ebruary were opened after a month and both grew promptly upon transferring the granules to broth. menk you very much for this courtesy and for the leaflet explaining your procedure. The mechanical features of this process appear to be admirable. We have wondered how the exceptionally neet end stout seal is accomplished. The National Type Culture Collect- ion of 3gland is now sending out dried cultures, produced by the ordinary lyo2hile process, which are encssed in 2 small balsa wood block with a cardboard cover, sealed with plastic tape. This is about the ultimate in preparing bacterial cultures for transport by zir ma il. Can you conveniently send us two more of the direction sheets? I am asking the Washington Academy for a small gra.nt to sqport 2 study of this method and the application must be in duplicate. W ith thanks. Sincerely yours, Freeman A. We iss Cura.t 0 r FAW/ap

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