Feedback-controlled NTM stabilization on ASDEX Upgrade

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Feedback-controlled NTM stabilization on ASDEX Upgrade

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DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20158702017
EDP Sciences


On ASDEX Upgrade a concept for real-time stabilization of NTMs has been realized and successfully applied to (3,2)- and (2,1)-NTMs. Since most of the work has meanwhile been published elsewhere, a short summary with the appropriate references is given. Limitations, deficits and future extensions of the system are discussed. In a second part the recent work on using modulated ECCD for NTM stabilisation is described in some detail. In these experiments ECCD power is modulated according to a magnetic footprint of the rotating NTM. In agreement with earlier results it could be shown that O-point heating reduces the necessary average power for stabilisation whereas X-point heating hampers stabilisation. Although this modulated scheme is not relevant for routine NTM stabilisation on ASDEX Upgrade it may be mandatory for ITER or DEMO. On ASDEX Upgrade it has been re-developed to demonstrate the usage of a FAst DIrectional Switch to continously heat the O-point of the rotating island with only one gyrotron switching between two launchers which target the mode at locations separated in phase by 180 degrees as described in [1].

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