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Maps and cartographers in the journal "Radovi" published by the Forest Research Institute Jastrebarsko (1966-2005)

Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko
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In view of the rich tradition of map production in the Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko, and their frequent appearance in the journal Radovi, the aim of this paper is to quantitatively and qualitatively analyse all published maps and their authors. During 40 years of publishing the journal Radovi 242 maps have been published by 78 authors, of which almost half were, or still are, employees of the Institute. Most work on the mapping of vegetation was contributed by Ivan Bertović, Zvonimir Pelcer, Juraj Medvedović and Vladimir Lindić. Authors of pedological maps were Jakob Martinović and Boris Vrbek, and ecological-management maps Dražen Cestar and co-workers. More recently more modern cartographic presentations have appeared of digital maps (Branimir Mayer, Nikola Komlenović, Ivan Pilaš). Brief biographies and specimen maps are given of all more important cartographers of the Forest Research Institute, Jastrebarsko, and a list of all published maps and their author.

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