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One-dimensional analysis for magneto-thermo-mechanical response in a functionally graded annular variable-thickness rotating disk

Applied Mathematical Modelling
DOI: 10.1016/j.apm.2014.03.008
  • Magneto-Thermo-Mechanical
  • Functionally Graded
  • Rotating Disk
  • Variable-Thickness
  • Mathematics


Abstract In this paper, the magneto-thermo-mechanical response of a functionally graded magneto-elastic material (FGMM) annular variable-thickness rotating disk is investigated. The material properties namely material stiffness, heat conduction coefficient, thermal expansion coefficient, mass density and magnetic permeability are assumed to vary continuously along the radial direction according to a power law. The thickness profile of the disk placed in a uniform magnetic field and subjected to the thermal load is assumed to be hyperbolic in nature. The effects of the magnetic field, grading index and geometric nonlinearity on the mechanical and thermal stresses of the disk are investigated. For a specific value of the grading index the maximum radial stress due to magneto-mechanical load in a mounted FGMM disk with hyperbolic convergent profile is found away from the center. This result is different from other thickness profile disks where the radial stresses are always at the center. It is observed that unlike radial stress in a mounted FGM disk subjected to mechanical load only where it is always tensile, the radial stress due to magneto-thermal load in a mounted FGMM disk can be both tensile and compressive type. It is seen that a decrease in the value of grading index invokes shifting of the location of the maximum temperature in FGMM disk with hyperbolic convergent profile towards the outer surface of the disk.

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