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Eastern Point, East Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1888 (Raster Image)

Harvard Map Collection, Harvard College Library
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  • Eastern Point


The georeferenced raster is a faithfully reproduced digital image of the original source map. Some differences may be detected between the source graphic used and the raster image due to the RGB values assigned that particular color. The intent is to recreate those colors as near as possible. Data completeness for raster digital image files reflect content of the source graphic. Features may have been eliminated or generalized on the source graphic due to scale and legibility constraints The horizontal positional accuracy of a raster image is approximately the same as the accuracy of the published source map. The lack of a greater accuracy is largely the result of the inaccuracies with the original measurements and possible distortions in the original paper map document. There may also be errors introduced during the digitizing and georeferencing process, but in most cases, these are small compared with sources of error in the original map graphic. One source of error could be associated with the fact that this image is referenced to the Massachusetts State Plane (Feet) coordinate system, which is inconsistent with the original projection of the paper map, and may lead to discrepancies in the horizontal accuracy of the raster image. The RMS error for this map is 73.09366 feet. This value describes how consistent the transformation is between the different control points (links). The RMS error is only an assessment of the accuracy of the transformation.

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