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On the occurrence of red-baits in the indigenous boat seine fishery off Madras*

CMFRI; Kochi
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  • Fishing
  • Marine Fisheries


The red-baits Dipterygonotus leucogrammicus Bleeker of the family Emmelichthyidae is one of the important live baits used in the pole and line tuna fishery in Lakshadweep during January to April. No reports are available on the abundant occurrence of these fishes either in the mechanised trawler or indigenous fishing units. The present report deals with an unusual landing of the red baits in the indigenous boat seine fishery at Kottivakkamkuppam landing centre near Madras. Length measurements of a sample taken indicated the length range of 55-86 mm in the landings with the predominance of 71-75 mm size group. Since no ready market was available for red-baits in fresh condition, the entire catch was put to sundrying on the beach.

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