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Eutrophication of Northeastern Ohio Lakes. I, Introduction, Morphometry, and Certain Physico-Chemical Data of Dollar Lake

The Ohio journal of science
Smithsonian Institution Biodiversity Heritage Library
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Dollar Lake in Portage County, Ohio, has a volume of 86,400 cubic meters and an area of 22,212 square meters. The average depth is 3.89 meters, the maximum depth is 7.5 meters. Maximum width of the lake is 140 meters, the maximum length 215 meters. Except for brief periods in spring and fall, deep waters are depleted of dissolved oxygen. Secchi Disc transparency is frequently below one meter. Massive blooms of algae are often observed. The lake stratifies thermally in April, circulates in October, and restratifies in December after ice formation. Spring circulation occurs in March. Dollar Lake is a dimictic, second-class, eutrophic lake.

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