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Response of the global warming and human-induced climate change in the Arabian sea. In: Winter School on Impact of Climate Change on Indian Marine Fisheries held at CMFRI, Cochin 18.1.2008 to 7.2.2008

CMFRI; Kochi
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  • Climate Change


In recent years we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in natural disasters not only in India, but all over the world. On 26th December 2004 the fourth largest earthquake of this century occurred off the coast of Northern Sumatra which generated the Tsunami that affected the Indian Ocean rim countries. Close to the heel of this comes the torrential rainfall anomaly in Dhaka with 156 mm of rainfall within 24 hours in early July 2005. Later, on 26 July 2005, Mumbai experienced unique type of cloud burst with very intense shower lasting 12 to 18 hours recording 95 cm of rainfall. Another month later comes a series of Hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean caused destruction to USA. A category 5 Katrina with a wind speed of 175 miles/h during late August 2005 followed by category 2 Rita in late September 2005 with a wind speed of 96-110 miles/h, and finally in late October 2005 category 4 Wilma with wind speed of 145 miles/h.

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