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Studies on gastric mucoproteins. The isolation and characterization of the mucoprotein of the water-soluble mucus from pig cardiac gastric mucosa

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1. Gel filtration of the water-soluble radioactive mucus produced three radioactive fractions, fraction A excluded on Sepharose 4B, fraction B included on Sepharose 4B but excluded on Sephadex G-200, and fraction C included on Sephadex G-200. 2. The specific radioactivities of fractions A and B were the same, with fraction C a little lower, whether the material was labelled with 14C-labelled carbohydrate or with 3H-labelled protein prepared by incubation of mucosal scrapings in vitro with [U-14C]glucose or [G-3H]threonine respectively. 3. Fractions A and B had an analysis of protein 22%, hexose 28%, hexosamine 28%, fucose 10% and sialic acid 1%; fraction C had an analysis closely similar to this, except that it contained about 10% of a protein contaminant. 4. All three fractions had closely similar A and H blood-group activities. 5. Ultracentrifuge studies showed fractions A, B and C were polydisperse with s025,w values of 18.7S, 4.9S and 3.9S respectively. 6. The unfractionated water-soluble mucus contained only two peaks, fraction A 18.7S and a peak of 4.4S, which was a combination of fractions B and C. 7. The radioactive mucoprotein accounted for 85% by weight of the soluble mucus and the results show that it consisted of two distinct fractions A and B–C, which were chemically, biosynthetically and immunologically very similar.

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