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Summary of a study on the economic impact of energy prices. Information Memo P-31/66, June 1966. Includes French text

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\_,--l EtiRoPItJltf Eco[{o!{xc o0MMu$Irr orFICIAL SFoKESI'LAI{ of the Comnission 23r avenue Ae la Joyeuee &rtrde hussels 4 llelepbone 35.00.40aa, INSORII.ABION Mts[O $rmnary of etucly on the n8cononio trnBact of energy prlcesil fhts studry bn the eoononlc inpact of, energy prices was nade a.t the leguest of the Comnigglon by the folLorc'lng inilepenclent expenetsr lLI,'Drrguesaed,e1a,V1ne11e,Leotrrreratthe.Catbo11oUnlverstty of tbuvalnl Speotat Consultant to the Comnieelon; ![.C. Iburgeaud.e Proiessor Ln the l,aw and. Economics FacuJ"ty of tbe University of, Sanls, fechnloal .AdvlEer in. the Direotorate of Econorntg lorecaste in the Mlnletry of &lnance arrd Eooronic .0"ffaire I MrL,. Guatrir SecretarSpgeneraL of tbe fnstltute for tbe stucly of energy sources I Untvereltl Connerol.ale larfgi Socoont l ln lfl.lanl Profeesor in the Faarlty of'' goonorlos andl Fooi.rf Salenae of"Oologne Unl-veneltyl Dtrector of the 'Univ6iElty Institute for power proiluctLon. M.[b. Tessels; Tbls stucly glveo ner lnf,ornatLon on an lnportant prob].en for the abaptng of energy polioy. 4f,ter rerrlewing the partial so farpubllshed., tbe experts bave appJ.led orlgtnal .methods to an examl.natlon of the !.nf,!.uenoe of ohanges ln- enelgJr prtces o'n tha el.tag of lnduatry ancl on lnternati.ona] oonpetltlonl and have worked out tbe theoreticalprln-clples by lrhioh €nergy prJ.oee can influenoe general eoonomiodevelognent. lhe fllet subjeot clealt rtth ts the lnpact of the prloe of [email protected] ooneJ.tlereil as a BroiluatLon good, on the oonpetltivenecrrl of induetry. J .../.r, Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note MigrationConfirmed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note MigrationConfirmed set by Barbara *.2- Short of raaklng dtrect ingulries; it ls nlnput-Outputr tablee tbat afford tbe best neans today for aeoertaintng the influence of the produotlon prioe of a faotor on coets ln the varioue branobser certal,nly thoy ouffer frriu the drawback that they only exprecsb

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