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Analýza studentských bankovních účtů v ČR

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Banka
  • Klient
  • Studentský účet
  • Poplatky
  • Dotazníkové šetření
  • Peníze
  • Bank
  • Client
  • Student´S Account
  • Fees
  • Questionnaire Research
  • Money


The Bachelor´s work deals about student´s bank accounts, which are determined for academical students. There is described historici development of money and banking in the Czech lands in the theoretical part. Another part of the literature review deals with the structure of banking and banking systém of the Czech Republic. There is also noticed the elementry characteristic and function of the Czech National Bank. In the last section are characterized by various banking products that were first divided into three groups. Prices of banking products and the importance of student´s accounts are focused in addiction. In the practical part of this work is investigated using a questionnaire survey of banking institutions represented among students. The most popular Students´ accounts are detailed analyzed and compared in terms of financial cost. The results of comparative analysis showed that more advantageous studentś account charges can not be definitely determined because there arent known exact needs of individual students.

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