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The Greenberg Hysteroscopy Speculum: a New Instrument for Hysteroscopy

JSLS Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
The Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
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Objectives: Although the ubiquitous Graves speculum (open-sided or closed) is versatile and familiar, its shortest length is often too long for comfortable manipulation of the newer, pliable, flexible hysteroscopes. The Greenberg speculum is a modification of a Graves speculum with an open side to allow for the removal of instruments while they are still in the vagina. Whereas a standard mediumsized, open-sided Graves speculum measures 110 mm in maximum length, the Greenberg speculum measures only 74 mm. Although the difference between the speculums is only 36 mm in maximum length, this alteration can add considerable ease to placement of both flexible and rigid hysteroscopes in the office or operating room. In this study, we sought to quantify the benefit of this new device by demonstrating that this speculum brings the patient's cervix closer to the provider and reduces the length of unsupported hysteroscope shaft entering the cervical canal. Methods: We measured the intraspeculum distance from the operator-side opening of the speculum to the external cervical os by using first a standard medium open-sided Graves speculum and then a Greenberg speculum. Results: Use of the Greenberg speculum reduced the mean minimum intraspeculum distance from the extended fingertips grasping a hysteroscope to the external cervical os by an average of 28 mm or 34% compared with a Graves speculum. Conclusions: We believe this new speculum offers a subtle but distinct advantage over standard speculums for hysteroscopy.

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