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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Howard B. Newcombe

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October 25, 1560 Dr. Hward Nwcombe Mology Branch Atomic Energy of Canada Chalk River, Ontarto Canada Dear Howard: Cavalli, KreMhmr and I have h4 the thought of looking into some aspects of the geneti I basis of drug idiosyncracies in children by tsstimatlng the #nssnguInity index from returns of questionnaires to Kretchmer’s colleagues In Pediatrics. Uo malirs that thwe may bs some question as to the sources of bias and so forth, but the attempt s-s worth the effort. dim Hoei reminded tne of your intensive progrm on the linkage of records in vital statistics and we agreed that this might be an extrerneiy apt application of them if you were interested in the problem and if your techniques were appropriate for this specific job. Proswably, it would be possible to obtain a cIassfficatlon of death certificates of children on the basis of a record of this diagnosis and then you could get to work in trying to estimate the incidence of consanguinity. As there seems little likelihood of anything quite like this being developad In the States, this should be an approach that Is et least complementary and perhaps considerably more rigorous than our% in any case, we would certainly welcome it if you could proceed with an investigation of Canadian material towards the saw end. The material 1 em enclosing is quite tentative and WB would welcome any critical remarks you might wish to add to others that we have received. With best regards, Yoirrs sincerely, Joshua tederberg Professor of Genetici; $ Encs. JL/jh ‘LC /f,L, ‘t&L< L

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