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National Steering Committee of RMP Coordinators [list of committee members]

Publication Date
  • November 1970 - November 1974
  • Program Coordinators For Regional Medical Programs
  • Orientation Manual
  • National Steering Committee
  • Directories As Topic


xuu5214.tmp e NATIONALSTEERINGCOMVHTTEE OF RMPCOORDINATORS ConferenceRoomB, May 2, 1974 Dr. DonalR. Sparkman 500UniversityDistrictBldg. 1107N.E. 45thStreet Seattle,Washington 98105 Dr. J.S. Reinschmidt Universityof OregonMedicalSchool 3181S.W. Sam JacksonParkRoad .Portland,Oregon 97201 Dr.“&anuChatterjee 550WaterStreet Augusta,Maine 04330 Dr. GranvilleW, Larimore 1 DavisBoulevard,Suite309 Tampa,Florida 33606 0 -- ~. ArthurE. Rikli 406 TurnerAvenue- LewisHall &lumbia, Missouri 65201 Dr. John R.F. Ingall 2929Main Street #. Buffalo,New York 14214 d. Dr. MortonC. Creditor 122 SouthMichiganAve.,Suite939 Chicago,Illinois 60603 Mr. RobertW. ~rphy MedicalCareand Education Foundation 1 BostonPlacejSuite2248 Boston,Massachusetts02108 Dr. RobertW. Brown 4125RainbowBoulevard I@nsasCity,Kansas 66103 e SteeringCommitteeChairman Director,Washington/Alaska Director,OregonRMP d ProgramCoordinator,MaineIll@ StateDirector,FloridaRMP Coordinator,MissouriRMP ExecutiveDirector,LakesArea RMP ExecutiveDirector,IllinoisRMP ExecutiveDirector,Tri-StateIMP Director,I@nsasRMP

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