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Parallel algorithm of 3D wave-packet decomposition of seismic data: implementation and optimization for GPU

Universiteit van Amsterdam
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International Young Scientists Conference High Performance High Performance Computing and SimulationComputing and Simulation Science Park 123, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2-6 April, 2012 2 YSC 2012 Book of abstracts Recent Challenges for Computational Science – to Young Generation Recent advances in experimental techniques such as detectors, sensors, and scanners have opened up new vistas into physical and socio-economic processes on many levels of detail. The complete cascade from the individual components to the fully integrated multi-science systems crosses many orders of magnitude in temporal and spatial scales. This is changing the way we do science into data intensive scientific discovery. The ultimate challenge is to study not only the fundamental processes on the various scales, but also their mutual coupling across scales in the overall system. The sheer complexity and range of spatial and temporal scales on which natural and anthropogenic systems seem to operate defies any existing numerical model or com- putational capacity. The only way out is by combining data on all levels of detail. This is an open research area. The challenges include understanding how one can recon- struct multi-level systems and their dynamics that connect models to massive sets of heterogeneous and often incomplete data. Conceptual, theoretical and methodological foundations are necessary for understanding these multi-scale processes and asso- ciated predictability limits of such large scale computer simulations. In 2011 we announced a competition for young scientists in the Russian Feder- ation working in the field of computational science and supercomputing to present us their most interesting research results. From the many submission received we se- lected 20 winners whom all received a ticket and stipend to Amsterdam to present their work at the University of Amsterdam during the International Young Scientists Conference «High Pe

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