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The Islet ecological environment and folk culture of Tagi Island, Bohai Bay, China

목포대학교. 도서문화연구소
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  • Bohai Bray
  • Ocean Culture
  • Ocean Folkways
  • Islet Ecological Environment
  • Ecology
  • Geography


The Islet ecological environment and folk culture of Tagi Island, Bohai Bay, China Lee Kyung Yup Tagi Island of the Bohai Bay is the object of research here. Based on the findings from the on-the-spot surveys, I have looked into the lifestyle and folk culture of Islanders of Tagi Island. Tagi Island is known for its prominence of ocean culture among the islands in the Bohai Bay. Tagi Island is a relatively small island occupying a small portion of earth, however because of widely formed fishing ground around itself, the importance of fishing to the life of its inhabitants is significantly utmost. These surrounding environmental conditions have played a major role in influencing the life of the inhabitants of Tagi Island. We need to be noted for the interrelation between the islet ecological environment and the life on the lsland. We have looked at the interrelation between the ecology of islet environment and folk culture throughout this article. Through the descriptions of the life of sea-faring inhabitants of the island, we have endeavored to grasp the ecological-cultural backdrop on ocean folkways. We anticipate to locate the universal and fundamental features of ocean folkways through the examples of Tagi island inhabitants whose life have been influenced by and with the Bohai Bay. We also anticipate that through this project we will be able to lay the foundation for the comparison work with the folkways of South Korea.

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