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Some aspects of the analysis of geodetic strain observations in kinematic models

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DOI: 10.1016/0040-1951(86)90132-0


Abstract Frequently, deformation processes are analyzed in static models. In many cases, this procedure is justified, in particular if the deformation occurring is a singular event. If. however, the deformation is a continuous process, as is the case, for instance, with recent crustal movements, the analysis in kinematic models is more commensurate with the problem because the factor “time” is considered an essential part of the model. Some specialities have to be considered when analyzing geodetic strain observations in kinematic models. They are dealt with in this paper. After a brief derivation of the basic kinematic model and the kinematic strain model, the following subjects are treated: the adjustment of the pointwise velocity field and the derivation of strain-rate parameters; the fixing of the kinematic reference system as part of the geodetic datum; statistical tests of models by testing linear hypotheses; the invariance of kinematic strain-rate parameters with respect to transformations of the coordinate-system and the geodetic datum; the interpolation of strain rates by finite-element methods. After the representation of some advanced models for the description of secular and episodic kinematic processes, the data analysis in dynamic models is regarded as a further generalization of deformation analysis.

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