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Teamwork on geographical indications using the wiki

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University of Huddersfield Repository Hart, Tina Teamwork on geographical indications using the wiki Original Citation Hart, Tina (2013) Teamwork on geographical indications using the wiki. In: The seventh EIPTN European Intellectual Property Teachers' Network annual workshop , 15th-16th July 2013, Lisbon, Portugal. This version is available at The University Repository is a digital collection of the research output of the University, available on Open Access. Copyright and Moral Rights for the items on this site are retained by the individual author and/or other copyright owners. Users may access full items free of charge; copies of full text items generally can be reproduced, displayed or performed and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational or not-for-profit purposes without prior permission or charge, provided: • The authors, title and full bibliographic details is credited in any copy; • A hyperlink and/or URL is included for the original metadata page; and • The content is not changed in any way. For more information, including our policy and submission procedure, please contact the Repository Team at: [email protected] The seventh annual workshop of the European Intellectual Property Teacher’s Network. Lisbon 2013 Teamwork on geographical indications using the wiki. Tina Hart Aims • To briefly explain what a wiki is. • To outline the rationale for its use in assessment. • To outline the perceived benefits. • Challenges. What is a wiki? “A wiki is a website that allows edits to content by any user via any browser.” The rationale • Meeting learning outcomes • An opportunity for collaborative learning The learning outcomes for Global IPS. Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes On completion of this module students will: 1. Critically

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