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Bahamas joint annual report 2007

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ED-BAHAMAS Joint Annual Report 2007 June2008 1 Update of the Political, Economic and Social Situation 2 1.1 Update on the political situation 2 1.2. Update of the economic situation 2 1.3. Update of the social situation 3 1.4 Update of the Environmental Situation 5 2. Overview of past and ongoing co-operation 7 2.1 Focal Sectors 7 2.2 Utilisation of Envelope B 8 2.3 Regional Cooperation 8 2.4 European Investment Bank 9 2.5 DGECHO 9 2.6 Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) 9 2.7 EU Strategy for the Caribbean 9 2.8 Donor coordination and harmonisation 10 2.9 Dialogue with the NSAs, local authorities and National Parliament 10 3. Conclusions 11 ANNEXES 12 a) Country at a glance: 1. Key macro-economic performance indicators 2. Key MDG indicators 3. Governance profile (same as 2006) b) Annexes with a retrospective character: financial situation for: I. 9th EDF and any previous EDFs as per closure of the financial year 2007 2. Regional projects 3. EIB projects c) Annexes with a prospective character: - Indicative time table for disbursements of 9'h EDF and previous EDFs d) Annexes on aid effectiveness 1. EAMR aid effectiveness questionnaire (not applicable) 2. Donor matrices current and future financial support (same as 2006) 1 1. UPDATE ON THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL SITUATION 1.1 Update on the Political Situation National elections were held in May 2007, which was the first in five years. The Free National Movement (FNM) is the new governing party in The Bahamas, having been returned to power after a five year absence. The party won 23 of the 41 seats in Parliament. The progressive Liberal Party (PLP) which was the governing party for the last five years won 18 seats. While there are other political parties, the PLP and the FNM remain the two dominant parties. The Right Honourable Hubert Ingraham succeeded the Right Honourable Perry G. Christie as the Prime Minister. One of the major political and soci

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