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Relative mirror symmetry and ramifications of a formula for Gromov-Witten invariants

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For a toric Del Pezzo surface S, a new instance of mirror symmetry, said relative, is introduced and developed. On the A-model, this relative mirror symmetry conjecture concerns genus 0 relative Gromov-Witten of maximal tangency of S. These correspond, on the B-model, to relative periods of the mirror to S. Furthermore, for S not necessarily toric, two conjectures for BPS state counts are related. It is proven that the integrality of BPS state counts of the total space of the canonical bundle on S implies the integrality for the relative BPS state counts of S. Finally, a prediction of homological mirror symmetry for the open complement is explored. The B-model prediction is calculated in all cases and matches the known A-model computation for the projective plane.

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