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A Neonate with Non-immune Hydrops Foetalis in Rh Non-immunized Mother

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Vol 34 (2) 2010.pmd 70 Introduction Hydrops foetalis is a serious foetal condition defined as the presence of excess fluid in more than one body compartment. The fluid should be present in any of the following two cavities to be diagnosed as hydrops foetalis e.g., subcutaneous tissue, lung, abdominal cavity and pericardial cavity1. The incidence of hydrops is difficult to ascertain as most of foetuses die early in pregnancy. However, in USA its incidence is approximately one in 600 to one in 40001. In Southeast Asia it is more common and its incidence varies from one in 500 to one in 15002. There are two types of hydrops foetalis: 1. Immune hydrops foetalis (IHF) 2. Non-immune hydrops foetalis (NIHF) With the use of anti D prophylaxis immunological causes account for less than 20% cases1. More common are non-immune causes of hydrops foetalis3. The cause of non-immune hydrops foetalis is often idiopathic4. The common cause of non-immune hydrops foetalis in order of decreasing frequency are vascular (20%), chromosomal (16%), placental (8%), haematological (10%) and a miscellaneous group5,6. Hydrops foetalis due to maternal cause is rare and is usually due to infection or diabetes mellitus in the mother6. Intrauterine infection accounts only 8% of non-immune hydrops foetalis. Non-immune hydrops foetalis is mainly due to foetal causes7. Case Report Thirty two years old woman, third gravida, mother of two children, presented at forty weeks of pregnancy with labour pain for fourteen hours. The mother had no antenatal care (ANC) and suffered from respiratory distress at later months of present pregnancy. Her previous two pregnancies were naturally terminated at home by spontaneous vaginal delivery. According to mother’s statement her first baby was hydrops, alive for about 2 minutes and second baby was apparently healthy and still alive. Blood group of father, A Neonate with Non-immune Hydrops Foetalis in Rh Non-immunized Mother NURJAHAN BEGUM1, REZAUL KARIM KAZAL2, SHAHEEN ARA ANWARY3,

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