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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Marcel Florkin

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Translation. July 24, 1961. Dear Profearor van de Hulst, ke heard about the request of Profearor Lederberg, Professor Florkin and other acientiarts to hold an unofficial conference in Moscow on questions concerning cosmical biology in August at the time of Ithelfnternationa) Biochemical Congress. The Academy of SCiences of the USSR is ready to asrist sui;h a conference of a few scientists-delegates of the biochemical CoI?~re:ss. 'Tne partic ipants of the conference could convexiently exchange opinims touching the questions in the lettera of Professor iederberg and Professor Florkin. We agree with Professor Leder- berg that et present it is practically irr,possible to decide the co;:iposii;iort of ti;;e garticipants of the confermce as it is not known wLether all the interezted people, n;erltPoned in the letter of Professcr Lederberg, g,o tc the EiociLer!ical Cor:g,ress . iii POSCOW~ 6 Onljr aftar all the delegstcs of itkie B.ochcnical congres:: will iAave &x%liered i:,i ~:,OSCOW, t.A:2 exact definite list of par- ticiwmts in the poposed conference can be had, with tLe kielp Of tile ijr&a:"ii& Co,ml:,ittee of ti,e coxr;res3. Pours sincerely, Professor FlorAin, cc: Professor Lederberg,,J Professor Thompson,, Dr. Porter

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