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The catholic faculty of theology
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  • Zadar
  • Zadarska Nadbiskupija
  • Rani Novi Vijek
  • Crkvena Povijest
  • Bernard Florio
  • Nadbiskupske Sinode.
  • Zadar (Zara)
  • The Bishopric Of Zadar
  • Early Modern Times
  • Ecclesiastical History
  • Bernard Florio
  • Archbishops Synods.
  • Political Science


The bishopric of Zadar (Zara) – founded already in the fourth century and from 1154 also archbishopric and metropolitan see – became in the seventeenth century a constant target of the Ottoman attacks, since the city of Zadar in this period became the most secure stronghold of Venice on the eastern Adriatic coast. In the period between 1607 and 1688 the ecclesiastical life in Zadar was rather rich and in this period there were organized 13 synods. The synod that occurred in 1647, and initiated by archbishop Bernard Florio (1642-1665) belongs to this period, demonstrates importance of the ecclesiastical life and ecclesiastical tendencies to renew the Church structure. Unfortunately, the written evidence about the work of this synod is lost. However, in the archives of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts one can find a transcript of its conclusions under the title »Brevissimum compendium synodi dioecensane Iadrensis, habita anno 1647 in civitate Iadrae«. The archival code of this document is II d. 34, no, fol. 1r-9r. This document contains 28 acts that are divided in two parts. The first part contains the rules about celebration of the holy sacraments, and these sacraments had to be in accordance with the Roman missal, except those who obey Glagolitic rule that was revised by Rafael Levaković. The second part includes rules about clerics, their discipline and canonical core service in metropolitan Church of St. Anastasia. The last act concerns themonarchies and its monasteries which should be visited yearly.

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