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Improving data centre network utilisation using near-optimal traffic engineering

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Equal Cost Multiple Path (ECMP) forwarding is the most prevalent multipath routing used in Data Centre (DC) networks today. However, it fails to exploit increased path diversity that can be provided by traffic engineering techniques through the assignment of non-uniform link weights to optimise network resource usage. To this extent, constructing a routing algorithm that provides path diversity over non-uniform link weights (i.e., unequal cost links), simplicity in path discovery and optimality in minimising Maximum Link Utilisation (MLU) is non-trivial. In this paper, we have implemented and evaluated the Penalizing Exponential Flow-spliTing (PEFT) algorithm in a cloud DC environment based on two dominant topologies, canonical and fattree. In addition, we have proposed a new cloud DC topology which, with only a marginal modification of the current canonical tree DC architecture, can further reduce MLU and increase overall network capacity utilisation through PEFT routing.

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