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Experimental studies on Canine Transmisible Venereal Sarcoma in Tissue Culture : IV. Inoculation Test for Tissue Culture of Several Expermental Animal Tissues

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TODA carried out tissue culture of canine transmissible venereal sarcoma, encountered the occurrence of CPE in culture generations and isolated an agent. Using this agent, the authors conducted tests of inoculation into organ tissue cultures of various experimental animals and studied the occurrence of CPE, cell changes and cell infectivity titer, etc. As a result, the following views were obtained: 1. If organ tissue cultures of various experimental animals are inoculanted with the agent, conspicuous CPE makes its appearance. 2. Conspicuous CPE appeares in TC of cells of canine, hamster, calf and mouse kidneys and CE, whereas the susceptibility is low or lacking in spleen and lymphnode cell TC of various experimental animals. 3. The agent causes CPE to apper constantly in susceptible TC cells and brings about swelling, vacuolation of concentration and fragmentation of cell nucleus as well as vacuolation of cytoplasma, showing cellular degeneration, clasmatosis, exfolition and defection. 4. The infectivity titer of TC culture solution at the time of occurrence of CPE was TCID_<30> 10^<-3,5>-10^<-4,7>. 5. The number of days required for occurrence of CPE is extended by freezing of the agent, but it is quickly restored in subsequent generations. (Received June 26, 1972)

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