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Improvement of e-learning in term of communication

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Muka Hadapan.PDF CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Advanced in ICT have pushed campuses worldwide to start thinking seriously any new available communication channels to make major alterations to improve the traditional communication ways among students. Today, students are offered with a wide variety of communication channels to communicate among them regarding on classroom discussions, assignments and even a general communication needs in their life. In Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), students have been provided with E-learning for learning purpose but there is still some features on communication purpose also been provided in this website such as forum, messaging system and blog. As the online learning platform for students and lecturers in E-learning is good enough in sharing information about education but how about the communication purpose? Are students satisfied with current communication features in E-learning? 2 Over the last few years, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) had grown and provides people with a great ways to communicate with each other and gave them new choices in order to get knowledge over the world. Students disclosed with various types of communication mechanism to allow them to communicate and keep in touch with each other. They have the range of options to choose, which one of these available communication channels that suitable and they feel comfortable when use it in their daily routines. In educational instituitions, growth in ICT have forced students over the world to make a major changes from only used traditional ways of communication to communicate with each other. Students have various types of choices on which of communication channels they want to use in order to communicate among them. These options range from instant messaging, electronic mail (Email),

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