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Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović: 'Lackey of the Germans' or a 'Victim of Fascism'?

Palgrave Macmillan
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[About the book] In Serbia today, the textbooks praise the Chetniks of Draža MIhailović and make excuses for the collaboration of Milan Nedić's regime with the Axis. Yet Nedić's regime was arrayed against the Allies and was complicit in measures taken against Serbia's Jews, while Mihailović and his Chetniks collaborated actively, not only with the British and the Americans, but also with Nedić's regime and the Axis occupation forces. Based on archival sources and an extensive use of materials in Serbian, Croatian, German, Hungarian, and English, the contributors to this volume provide an balanced reassessment of the role of Serbia and Serbs in World War Two.

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