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Comparison of the performances of Nero Siciliano pigs reared indoors and outdoors. 1. Growth and carcass composition

Meat Science
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DOI: 10.1016/s0309-1740(02)00287-5
  • Nero Siciliano
  • Pig
  • Outdoor
  • Morphological Measures
  • Carcass Composition


Abstract A total of 78 female and male Nero Siciliano pigs were used. Forty-one pigs were reared following the traditional management system, 37 pigs were reared in pens with a small outdoor paddock and fed to appetite using commercial rations according to the growing period. Both male and female pigs were castrated. All pigs were weighed and measured periodically. Body measurements included height at withers, chest girth, body length, width at shoulders and at rump. Age and body weight at slaughter ranged respectively from 371 to 572 days and from 79 to 113 kg. The carcasses were weighed and dissected into lean, fat and bone cuts. In the early and final stages indoor-pigs grew faster than those reared outdoors. Trends in body length were similar for the two rearing systems, for width at shoulders and rump, chest girth and height at withers, indoor pigs showed higher values than the outdoor ones. Carcasses of similar weight were longer in outdoor than in indoor pigs but the latter showed greater subcutaneous fat thickness. Outdoor pigs had the lowest dressing percentage and the highest percentage of lean cuts, such as shoulder and ham, but not of neck and loin. Sex did not significantly affect the analysed characteristics.

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