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The exchange of sodium and potassium in salivary glands.

McGill University
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  • Physiology.
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It is now over a century since Ludwig’s faaous discovery (1851) in which he demonstrated that the secretory pressure developed in the occluded submaxillary duct exceeded the carotid blood pressure. With this simple experiment Ludwig proved that the secretion is a process sui generis and not a simple filtration of plasma water and solutes through the glandular cells. However, most of the early workers on salivary secretion confined their studies chiefly to the investigation of the organic matter (protein and mucin) in saliva, and there was considerable debate as to the mode of elaboration of this organic material (Heidenhain, 1868, 1878; Langley & Fletcher, 1890; Henri & Malloizel, 1902; Carlson, Greef and Becht, 1907-8; Babkin, 1913).

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