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The CIAO multi-dialect compiler and system: An experimentation workbench for future (C)LP systems

Facultad de Informática (UPM)
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The CIAO Multi-Dialect Compiler and System: An Experimentation Workbench for Future (C)LP Systems M. Hermenegildo* F. Bueno* M. García de la Bandea G. Puebla* Extended Abstract 1 Introduction In [HtCg93, HtCg94] we discussed several methodological aspeets regarding the design and efficieney of a class of future logic programming systems. In particular, we proposed a somewhat novel view of concurrent logic programming systems, based on a particular definition of parallelism. We argued that, under this view, a large number of the actual systems and models can be explained (and imple- mented) through the application of only a few basic principies. They include determinism, non-failure, independence (also referred to as stability), and task granularity. We also argued for a separation be- tween those principies which have to do with the computation rule (Le., to performing the least work possible) and those directly related to parallelism (Le., to performing such work in the smallest amount of time by splitting it among several processors). Finally, and basing our discussion on the convergence of concepts that this view brought, we sketched the design of the CIAO (Concurrent, Independence-based And/Or parallel) system, a platform for the implementation of several source languages and models based on a common, generic abstract machine and using an intermedíate kernel language. The purpose of this paper is to report on recent progress in the design and implementation of the CIAO system itself, with special emphasis on the capabilities of the compiler and the techniques used for supporting such capabilities. CIAO is a multi-dialect compiler, run-time, and program development system. It is based on a versatile kernel language which has extensive sequential, parallel, concurrent, and distributed execution capabilities. The CIAO system is generic in the sense that the different source-level languages are supported by compilation via source to source transformations into the

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