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The Asiatic Mode of Production and Socialism

  • Political Science


The analogy between socialism and the Asiatic mode of production has been drawn more and more frequently in foreign literature since the end of the 1950s. >i>Eastern Despotism. A Comparative Study of Totalitarian Power>/i>, a monograph published by Washington University professor K. Wittfogel in 1957, generated numerous responses in bourgeois literature (M. Belov, G. Niemeyer, C. Friedrich, L. Schapiro, and others); >i>The Chinese Problem>/i>, a book by R. Garaudy, was published in 1967; I. Wallerstein's study >i>The Modern World System. Capitalist Agriculture and the Origin of the European WorldâEconomics in the 16th Century>/i> was published in 1974; the 1980s saw the publication of works by R. Bahro, Z. MlynaÅ, S. StojanoviÄ, and many others that time and time again examined the conception of the Asiatic mode of production from various aspects.

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