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Extending ASSERT for HW/SW Co-design

E.T.S.I. Telecomunicación (UPM)
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Embedded systems are commonly designed by specifying and developing hardware and software systems separately. On the contrary, the hardware/software (HW/SW) co-development exploits the trade-offs between hardware and software in a system through their concurrent design. HW/SW Codevelopment techniques take advantage of the flexibility of system design to create architectures that can meet stringent performance requirements with a shorter design cycle. This paper presents the work done within the scope of ESA HWSWCO (Hardware-Software Co-design) study. The main objective of this study has been to address the HW/SW co-design phase to integrate this engineering task as part of the ASSERT process (refer to [1]) and compatible with the existing ASSERT approach, process and tool, Advances in the automation of the design of HW and SW and the adoption of the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) [9] paradigm make possible the definition of a proper integration substrate and enables the continuous interaction of the HW and SW design paths.

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