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The District and its libraries: Tarrant County Junior College District Fort Worth, Texas

Graduate School of Library Science. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
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  • Libraries --Automation


A prime objective of the automation program of the libraries of the district is for the system to provide maximum and superior library services to its students, faculties, and staffs with a minimum of library personnel. In realizing this objective, some specific goals are to provide each library with materials acquired and processed rapidly, efficiently, and inexpensively; to provide each staff with reports and analyses of their services in order that those services might be interpreted properly, refined, and improved; to reduce for each staff member the burden of performing many routine and mundane tasks in order that they devote more of their time to working with the students and faculty; and to remove from the students, faculty, and staff as many barriers as possible to their intelligent, rapid, and pleasant use of each library. The emphasis in the program is, as it should be, on the services performed and on those persons performing the services, not on the devices or techniques used. But the machines and machine methods are not subjugated or de-emphasized completely, for our services are based on staff and machines.

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