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Against all odds

Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology
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DOI: 10.4103/0972-124x.82252
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“It is one of the noblest duties of a university to advance knowledge, and to diffuse it not merely among those who can attend the daily lectures – but far and wide”. -Daniel Coit Gilman As President of the John Hopkins University, Gilman practiced what he preached. In 1878, 2 years after he took office, he started the university's press. It remains America's oldest, continuously operating university press. From Harvard and Yale in the US to Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, university presses transmit knowledge of research, new thinking and big ideas worldwide. Unlike the west, few Indian universities have a robust publishing program or even a press. After the Dental Council of India made it mandatory for the academic staff to have publications in indexed journals, there was a sudden spurt in the number of articles. However, the total print options that are available today are few. This led to many institutions publishing their own journals containing a good amount of articles from their own stable. But how many of them were peer-reviewed? How many of them were meaningful? The opportunities for us to leverage our expertise to produce quality publications exist. So, why do not many of us utilize it? Lack of initiative may be or the lack of interest in original publishing. It is not that we have little to publish, but those among the faculty who want to publish their research simply do not do it for lack of time or for the lack of an encouraging academic environment back home. Professors have heavy teaching loads and little time to write. Also, a lot depends on the encouragement and assistance provided by the institution for producing publications. To advocate, we, at the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology, intend it to be the “go-to” journal for this profession. In addition to offering a broad range of content, we are determined to take advantage of the unique aspects of online publishing and to readily share information with colleagues. In the last f

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