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Infrastructure: a systems approach. Speech by Richard Burke, Member of the European Commission. Dublin, 1 December 1979

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untitled ASSOCIATION OF ~USINESS ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES D U B L I N 1 December 1979 .. · INFRASTRUCTURE A SYSTEMS APPROACH An address by Mr. Richard Burke Member of the Commission of the European Communities. .~ collsvs Text Box collsvs Note Completed set by collsvs User Rectangle Mr~ Chairman,·ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take the opportunity which this occasion provides to outline some of the ideas on the development of a European transport infrastructure system which I have recently put forward in a Green Paper, adopted by the Commission. I have used the expression 1'infrastructure system''advisedly because I believe that we must view transport not as an administrative structure decked with permits, quotas and prohibitions, but as a system in which modes interact with one another to achieve an economic operation in such a way as to require the minimum call on resources or, to put it another way, to produce the best use of resources. What, after all, is transport activity? It is simply an ··extension of the productive process from the point of primary production to that of consumption. Its inputs are natural resources - primarily land and energy, real capital and technology. It poses options which offer a variety of possible solutions and trade-offs. It is in short an economic function susceptible to the techniques of analytic IT~nagernent and best treated as such. ./. This, then brings me to my retent Green Paper. D~spit~ what some people may have thought, this document does not propose a collection of grandi~se projects intended to change dramatically th• ~hole ne·twork of major 'traffic arteries in the Community. Its aim is both more modest and in a way more ambitious. More modest, because it contains only a few paragraphs giving as examples some links ~hich deserve speci•l attention. More ambitious, because it aims at an integrated approach to th~ Common T

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