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Kilauea Middle East Rift Geothermal Resource Subzone, Island of Hawaii (April 1986)

State of Hawaii, Board of Land and Natural Resources
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  • Regulatory
  • Subzone
  • Kamaili
  • True-Mid Pac
  • Kilauea
  • Hawaii
  • Design


Pursuant to Sections 205-5.1 and 205-5.2, Hawaii Revised Statues, as amended by Act 151, SLH 1984; and Title 13, Chapter 184, Hawaii Administrative Rules, as amended; the Board of Land and Natura 1 Resources, State of Hawaii, has designated the Kilauea Middle East Rift, Island of Hawaii, as a Geothermal Resource Subzone ( GRS). The attached map defining the boundaries of the designated subzone is adapted from the u.s. Geological Survey topographic maps (Kalalua and Pahoa South Quadrangles).

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