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The pharmacokinetics of moxidectin after oral and subcutaneous administration to sheep

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Original article The pharmacokinetics of moxidectin after oral and subcutaneous administration to sheep Michel Alvineriea Elisa Escuderob Jean-François Sutraa Claudine Eeckhoutte Pierre Galtier ’Laboratoire de pharmacologie-toxicologie, Inra, 180, chemin de Tournefeuille, BP 3, 31931 Toulouse cedex 9, France ! Department de Farmaco!ogia y Terapeutica, Facultad de Veterinaria, 30071 Espinardo, Murcia, Spain (Received 4 December 1997; accepted 15 January 1998) Abstract-The pharmacokinetic parameters of moxidectin were determined in ten sheep following a single subcutaneous or oral drench at a dose of 0.2 mg. kg The plasma kinetics were best fit- ted by a two-compartment model. Moxidectin was detected in the plasma at the first sampling time ( I h) and thereafter for at least 60 d. The AUC were similar after both treatments indicating the same bioavailability for the two routes of administration. The oral route was characterized by a higher Cmax value (28.07 ng-mL-1) than after subcutaneous injection (8.29 ng.mL-1) and by significantly faster absorption as indicated by Tmax of 0.22 d and 0.88 d for oral and subcutaneous administrations, respectively. The most striking result of this experiment was the longer mean res- idence time reported for the subcutaneous route, i.e. 16.80 d as compared to 12.55 d for the oral drench. This difference is in agreement with previous studies demonstrating the longer anthelmintic efficacy of the subcutaneous route in comparison with oral administration. © Inra/Elsevier, Paris moxidectin / sheep / pharmacokinetic / efficacy / persistence * Correspondence and reprints Tel.: (33) 05 61 28 51 37; fax: (33) OS 61 28 53 10; e-mail: [email protected] Résumé - Étude pharmacocinétique de la moxidectine après administration orale ou sous- cutanée chez le mouton. Les paramètres pharmacocinétiques de la moxidectine ont été déterminés chez dix moutons recevant une même dose de 0,2 ing-kg-1 par voie sous-cutanée ou par voie orale. L’analyse pharmaco

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