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학교에서의 자기주도학습 구현을 위한 실천적 모형 개발과 적용에 관한 연구

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  • 자기주도학습
  • 자기주도학습 모형
  • 학교 학습 사태
  • 아동 학습자
  • 자기주도성
  • Education
  • Linguistics


Since 1960's, Self-directed learning has been orginally intended for adult learning which performed voluntarily outside of school. But self-directed learning does not have to be performed only by adult learners. Inquiring into the truth of the matter, all forms of learning include the dimension of self-directedness. In this respect, it is agreeable for some scholars to make their efforts to extended self-directed learning's domains including school learning of children. Self-directed learning even seems to be a matter of concern in school reform. But it is still ambiguous for it which has taken hold of in adult learning situation to have applicability in children's school learning situation. The purpose of this study is to make the meaning and conditions of self-directed learning which taken hold of in adult learning situation clear, to explore its applicability to school learning or the conditions of self-driected school learning, and to develope self-directed learning model for schooling. The conclusion of this study can be summarized as follow. Children can be considered having the potential to do self-directed learning. But children's potential can be actualized in case some conditions of self-directed school learning be satisfied. Many factors of circumstances have an influence on the actualiztion of self-directed school learning. The discourse of self-directed learning needs to go beyond adult learning and child school learning, and to extend to many other forms of learning.

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