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Effect of fishmeal replacement with <i>Artemia</i> biomass as a protein source in practical diets for the giant freshwater prawn <i>Macrobrachium rosenbergii</i>

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  • Biomass
  • Fish Meal
  • Growth
  • Size Distribution
  • Survival
  • Artemia
  • Macrobrachium Rosenbergii
  • Biology


A 30-day feeding experiment was conducted in 160-L plastic tanks to evaluate the potential use of Artemia biomass as a protein source in practical diets for postlarval Macrobrachium rosenbergii (initial mean weight of 12.12-12.29 mg). Nine isoenergetic and isonitrogenous experimental diets (approximately 40% crude protein) were formulated by replacing levels of the fishmeal (FM) protein difference either with dried or frozen Artemia (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%). The 0% Artemia treatment, in which Peruvian FM was the only main protein source, was considered to be the control diet. The results showed that prawn postlarvae (PLs) fed the FM control diet had a lower survival (46%) compared with all Artemia diets. Significant differences (P<0.05) were, however, only found at 75% and 100% Artemia protein inclusion levels (survival of 68-77%). A gradual increase in growth performance (live weight gain, specific growth rate and total length) of the prawns was achieved on increasing dietary inclusion of Artemia protein. Additionally, the size distribution exhibited the same response as growth performance. However, prawns fed the frozen Artemia diets showed a better performance than the ones fed the dried Artemia diets. It can be suggested that Artemia biomass may totally replace FM in practical diets for PLs of the freshwater prawn M. rosenbergii.

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