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The influence of the center of rotation position on facet joint loading and end plate loading investigated with musculoskeletal simulation

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Slide 1 RESULTS  MISS is preferable to TOSS from the point-of-view of muscle activation, except for the case of L5S1 fusion.  It is remarkable that the case of L3L4 appears to be more sensitive to the TOSS approach than any of the other cases, including the double fusion L4S1, and that fusions with the TOSS approach at more proximal levels generally appear to affect the muscle activation more than distal levels.  In the MISS approach, the tendency is the opposite.  Another remarkable finding is that L4L5TOSS results in significantly more increase in muscular load than the more elaborate L4S1TOSS. This is because both procedures sacrifice muscles spanning L5S1 but only the L4S1 procedure provides force and moment stabilization of L5S1by fusion. A Computational Investigation Of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery Sten Rasmussen1, John Rasmussen2 1Orthopedic Surgery Research Unit, Aalborg University Hospital Science and Innovation Center, Aalborg, Denmark 2Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark INTRODUCTION  MISS has been used for more than a decade. The reasoning is the perception that a gentle surgery is more beneficial for the patient. Especially since traditional open spine surgery (TOSS) has several reported limitations including blood loss, muscle pain and infection.  Minimal invasive insertion systems are designed to minimize the approach-related morbidity of traditional lumbar pedicle fixation. A major part of reducing morbidity might be the preservation of the

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