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Commission urges Council to take fundamental decisions on agricultural policy. Information Memo P-4/71, February 1971

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COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPEENNES. KOMMISSION OER EUROP AISCHEN GEME1NSCHAFTEN . COMMISSIONE DELLE COMUNITA EUROPEE . COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN . COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES tt GROUP E DU POR TE - P ARO L E SFRECHERGRUPPE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOC€ BUREAU VAN DE WOOROVOERDER SPOKESMAN'S GROUP it0tt 0'lilt0Rttl|AIl0il IilIOR|t,|ATO RI SIt|I AtJIZI I I IIIIlJ|lIG .The Commission has put beforc |ne iouncil- a draft resoluti-on on agriculture, in which price and st,ructural mea-sures aire inseparably linked as two complementary element-s, lhl Commission emphasizes thato at the same time as agricultural prices are f:-xed for next 'se€-soor the principles of the policy on agrj-cul tr-rra] structures sh,,ufd be accepted, in connection with the aj-o policy. l',oreover r progress shoul-d be made towa-rds economic and moneta;y union, and in the fields of regional development and social policy. The Corrmission points out that the limitations of the Communityrs pri-ce poli-cy are well- known. Financial possibilities are in general restricted, and the denands of rrarket ecluilibrium have to be taken into account in working out a price poli-cy. urthernore, the desires of the lriernber States regarding agricultural prices, and the poss:-brl-iti-es open to them, differ c;uite considerably'. The pr"rslc;t of enlargenlent of the Comniunity to include countries ivhich, on the wholer lntould have to adjust their prices to the hJ-gher EEC levels is another factor hampering price increases. !'inally, it is bccoming more and more obvious that price measures which are basj-cally the same for a]l producers have, in practice, a greatly varying impact on agricultural incomes. As a resuft, there is a danger that the afready great divergence in incomes between efficiently and inefficiently structured farm units will become cven qreater. Consequently, in its comrilunication to the Council the Comrnission stresses that the problems in the agriculfural sector can only be properly sol

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