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On an apparently specific type of abnormality in the white-spotted shovel-nose ray, Rhynchobatus djiddensis (Forskal)

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INSTANCES of abnormalities among sharks, rays and skates are well documented in literature, but information as to the frequency of occurrence of each type of abnormality is meagre. In this connection four male and one female juvenile specimens of Rhynchobatus djiddensis (Forsk.) showing almost identical type of deviation from the normal ones have been examined by the author from collections made at different places along the Palk Bay recently. Similar abnormalities in other batoids have been responsible for the creation of even new genera such as Cephaleutherus Rafinesque, Propterygia Otto, and Hieroptera Fleming while Cephalopterus ehrenbergii Day (not Muller and Henle) is a misnomer for a similar abnormal form of Gymnura sp., as drawn attention to by Gill (1896), Gudger (1933) and Bigelow and Schroeder (1953).

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