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Letter from Joseph Lein to Joshua Lederberg

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LABORATORIES INC. SYRACUSE 1,NEW YORK February 25, 19.59 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics Stanford University Stanford, California Dear Joshua: I received your note on the intracellular screening of antibiotics using monocytes. Since we check out all activities against naked bacteria, it would appear that the only thing we would miss would be materials which show activity only when complemented with the particular mammalian cell. Is this what you visualize? As you know, we are in the process of constructing a substantial addition to our research building. It will be finished in Nay and it appears that some kind of celebration to commemorate its opening will be held the early part of June. .tie would like to have a limited number of speakers for the occasion and wondered if you would be able to participate. There probably will be ‘thref? talks given and,while you can pick any suitable topic, one which has been suggested is trA Biologist views Pharmaceutical Research." It would be complemented, naturally, by a talk "A Chemist views Pharmaceutical Research.!' The speeches would be suitably printed and distributed widely. If you can possibly make it, Josh, I wish you would. The group here would be most pleased to have you participate in what to us will be an important event. Sincerely yours, BRISTOL LAHXW'ORIXS IiuC. Director logi'cal Research JL:ac

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