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Response of 127I to solar neutrinos

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We use a configuration-mixing quasiparticle Tamm-Dancoff approximation to calculate the expected event rate for an 127I solar neutrino detector. Our cross section for 8B solar neutrinos is 2.2×10-42 cm2 [corresponding to about 13 solar neutrino units (SNU) in the standard solar model], a factor of more than 3 below an estimate by Haxton. This value may increase by about 30% when quadrupole correlations are included. The cross section for ‘‘Be neutrinos is 2.0×10-45 cm2 (9.4 SNU), in agreement with a calculation by Dellagiacoma and Iachello. The total event rate per nucleus from all solar neutrinos is about 3 times that in 37Cl.

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